$20 Nail Trim while you wait.

Our dog and cat grooming process takes approximately 1 to 5 hours depending on the size, breed, condition of coat and temperament of your pet. We like to take the time to ensure a low stress experience for your pet by allowing for rest time during the process. Our goal is to give your pet the most comfortable grooming experience possible so they look forward to their next treatment.

Our hand scissoring and drying skills give your dog or cat a show quality look. We can help you maintain your pets hygiene with our experience and knowledge.

Our grooming shop is unique. We have an open, highly visible grooming area for you to observe the grooming process. You can even stand with your pet while their nails are being trimmed or while other services are being performed.

Full grooming service includes:

  • Full body haircut and hand scissor styling
  • Natural oatmeal shampoo and conditioner treatment
  • Complete hand blow-dry
  • Sanitary & paw-pad shave
  • Thorough brushout and de-shed treatment
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning and ear hair removal (when necessary)

*Sorry our Doodle (over 40lbs) & Standard Poodle*

*********clientele is currently FULL*************

Bath &Basics

Touch-Up Trim

Full Grooming








$75 -$85



Clientele Full

Clientele Full


$65 & up

Clientele Full

Clientele Full

*Prices are general and are subject to change without notice. Please call for a specific quote.

Extra Services

Teeth Brushing


Ear Cleaning/ Hair Removal


Nail File/ Grinding


Mid-Day Walk


Gland Expression



Cat Grooming Services

KOOL KAT SPECIAL (20 min while you wait service)

-De-shed treatment, sanitary trim, nail trim, and ear cleaning $35-$45

Short Hair                   Bath, Nails, De-shed


Medium Hair              Bath, Nails, De-Shed


Long Hair                    Bath, Nails, De-Shed


Lioncut no Bath


Lioncut with bath


*Prices are general and subject to change without notice. Please call for a specific quote.